COW Bus 2011

C.O.W. (Classroom On Wheels) Bus Visits Kitscoty
Submitted by the Kitscoty Library Board

On February 16 and 17 if you drove past the Elementary School in Kitscoty you were very likely to see a very odd site. Parked at the North End of the school (just outside the library) you would have seen a Black and White Holstein Bus. This bus came to Kitscoty courtesy of the Centre for Family Literacy In Edmonton. While it was here it brought to members of the community a time of fun and learning. The bus was geared to parents with children aged 0-6 and was visited by the local kindergarten , playschool and Grade 1 students as well as community families during open times over the 2 day visit. A Lakeland College Early Learning & Childcare Class was also able tour the Bus. Inside it is not a normal Bus. The seats have been removed to allow open space for children and their parents to interact with not only books, but other unique forms of literacy tools. The Kitscoty Hilltop Public Library Board was very pleased to host this event. It was an opportunity to show families that literacy starts at a very young age and is not something that only trained professionals need to do with their children. You as a parent can play a vital role in making literacy fun and a daily event in your own home. Thanks to all who came out and supported this event. The Kitscoty Hilltop Public Library is looking forward to hosting many more events in the future. Make sure you come to the Library to check out all the changes happening.