Book Review - September 2


Wendelin Van Draanen

FLIPPED is a fiction story. There's drama, arguments, and self-love. Bryce, who just moved in across the street from Juliana, got a surprise waking from her! Juliana is a very outgoing character, she's caring, wild, confident, creative and much more. You learn a lot from Juliana to be honest, how you don’t have to stand in, you can stand out and if people talk about you behind your back they’re going to be sorry. Julie comes from a not so wealthy family but that doesn't stop her, it doesn't bother her either. Bryce also teaches that you can't take people for granted and you can't assume what other people said about someone. This book is very educated, you tear up about some pages, you laugh at some pages. I like this book because it is filled with real-life situations that are relatable. This is one of the best books I read and I would definitely read it again!

Paige Z.


Stephanie Meyer

Twilight is the great mix of romance and action. It captivates you and makes you want to read more. The whole book is filled with exciting moments and really draws you in.

Author, Stephenie Meyer, introduces the readers to Bella Swan, a teenage girl who just moved in with her dad into the rainy town of Forks. Bella was not very ecstatic about the move when she got there, but she soon meets Edward Cullen, a charming fellow student with an enormous secret. Once Bella is reunited with her childhood friend, Jacob Black, she finds herself stuck in a love triangle between two rivals.

Mackenzie W.


Small Steps
By: Louis Sachar

Sachar has written another amazing book, fiction of course, but it still is great to read. Small Steps is almost like the sequel to the book Holes.

In this book Theodore (Armpit) Johnson is back home in Austin, Texas after some time at Camp Green Lake digging holes. Armpit is trying to change his life around after that incident in the movie theatre. Just as things are going good for him his buddy from camp, Rex(X-ray) Washburn, shows up and has an offer for Armpit that will make double the amount of money he is making now. He takes on the deal and then finds himself in a bit of trouble with the international popstar, Kaira DeLeon. This book is full of interesting things that happen to Armpit on his way through this adventure. Definitely sign this book out.

Connor T.