Books for Newborns

The Kitscoty Public Library along with our partners: County of Vermilion River FCSS, Village of Marwayne, Marwayne Public Library, and Kitscoty Public Health Unit have started the Books for Newborns literacy kit program. Through this initiative we are providing local families with newborns access to quality literature and in some instances making the first connection with a family to our libraries.

Have you received a Books for Newborns literacy kit? 

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Books for Newborns Survey

Why is reading to my child so important?

Reading to children from infancy is crucial for their cognitive and emotional development. Numerous studies have shown the significant impact of early literacy on a child's future success. Firstly, research has found that children who are read to consistently from an early age have larger vocabularies and better language skills than those who are not. In fact, by the age of three, there can be a 30-million-word gap between children from low-literacy families who were not read to regularly and their more privileged counterparts.
Secondly, reading to infants plays a pivotal role in fostering strong parent-child bonds. It provides an opportunity for quality one-on-one time, creating a nurturing environment that promotes attachment and emotional connection between parents or caregivers and the child.
The benefits of reading to children cannot be underestimated. It not only enhances language development but also stimulates imagination and curiosity while instilling a love for books that can last a lifetime. By starting early, parents lay the foundation for lifelong learning and academic success in their little ones' lives.